Michele Bruno LinkedIn profile


I’m a lighting designer and photographer,
I’m a professional striving for excellence as many of us.


In October 2016 we’ve begun to raise from thoughts this company and letting it be matter, this network is called KAiros LIghting + SOund DEsign.


This collective of professionals expresses:

  • a better design, result of cultural background differentiation, actual design interaction and better work conditions.

  • an innovative way of sharing positive international job market resources.

  • a broad specializations aggregation inside our team: Architectural Lighting Designers, Theatre Lighting Designers, Electrical Engineers, Sound Engineer and Photographers.

  • a better industrial organization due to the fact that we are a network of local freelancers and not a physical company.


This collective is a fluid institution: so the central office will form the team that will fulfil the client’s needs accordingly. One of our local professionals will always follow your building site personally, anyhow the central operational office is set in Sweden and team will be no matter what international.


I believe in skills integration of knowledge, in the effective participation of the choices and in professionals empowerment.

Our client will draw the best of this network organization according to the project requirements.

Our business plan is available on our site at the section RESEARCH & KNOWLEDGE.

For the moment critics and suggestions will help me to improve this new network architecture:


My direct mail is michele(at)kalisode.com