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VAT-number: SE556802119901

IBAN: SE2250000000053681053693

ADMINISTRATIVE ADDRESS: Dag Hammarskjölds väg 13, 752 37, Uppsala, Sweden

OPERATIONAL ADDRESS: Vitmossegatan 6, 431 69, Mölndal, Sweden


PHONE: +46/(0)722696579


Michele Bruno is associate #798097 of the Illuminating Engineering Society





It was great working with Michele on our film shoot, having his knowledge and expertise on board for our lighting design was invaluable. He was able to take our loose brief and run with it, understanding what we needed and where he could add value. He was able to fit into the team seamlessly, collaborating with the crew and talent in a positive and friendly way, which made the shoot such a success. And, most importantly, the lighting design he created made the key final sequence in our film a visual success.

Richard Perry – Producer | Gramafilm