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Revit 2020 online course

Even this year, we will teach BIM for entry levels, platform used Revit v.2020

Course Objectives

The goal of the courses is that after completing the course the student should master the basic and also more advanced solid modelling and drawing generation with Revit 2020 program. The course should also provide the student with basic knowledge and understanding
how the technology can be used in design and construction with a focus on industrial construction, prefabricated building systems and efficient production.
The aim of the course is that after completing the course the student should have the following knowledge, skills competencies and skills.

The course provides knowledge in:

Standardized technical rules, tolerances for drawing generation.

Basic principles for sketching, and for example design intent, parametric and equation controlled modelling of construction details (parties) and compilation of parties (assembly) to create robust structures.

The fundamental relationship between strength calculations and design work in BIM.

After the course, the student should have skills in:
– create sketches and extrusions to model design details (parties).
and building components as a basis for design and construction.
– create assemblies with parties.
– apply ride rules, view locations, standards and tolerances in BIM
– effectively apply existing features for modifying sketches and solids related to the design of parameterized and equation-controlled solid models.
– generate basic 2D drawings and simpler visualizations based on parties and assemblies and given riding rules.


– After completing the course, the student should have the competencies to, in collaboration with the others courses in education, planning and modelling simpler constructions, building components and building parts, generate design drawings of these and be able to create configurations to handle variants of a product.

The knowledge that the course provides and the skills that the course provides should give the student competence to work as a designer, product developer or project manager at construction consultants; building contractors etc.


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