BIM – Building Information Modelling:

Kalisode Network believes in knowledge integration, and the Building Information Modelling is nothing but that.

This is our process: our clients use to send us mostly Revit® files (we work with IFC import/export files too) where we can find a project which already has a LoD (Level of Development) from 200 to 300.
At this stage of the project, we are able to develop for our customer a sound and electric lighting strategy.
In early project stages, i.e. LoD 100, we are eager to collaborate in daylighting strategies too.
With our know-how in daylighting we help our customers to reach the LEED certification, thanks to energy savings and energy management linked to sun irradiation.

We support you in a series of meetings in person or via webinar. We work with you daily side by side with them in order to develop your design. We suggest improvements and integrations which will add quality and diversity to your final design.
Our output becomes automatically part of the your office BIM file thanks to a click, just one Revit® online sync and our sound/lighting project is automatically part of your project.
No more energy consuming building due to wrong glazing strategy. No more dull ambients and disproportioned electric bills. Thanks to us a richer and more tailored project is delivered to Your final customers.

Our BIM offert in a bullet list:

We are now designing our lighting (dayligthing too) and sound via BIM, integrating these contents in just one model, we can add these two layers in your project as external consultancy.

If you think that you have a lack of resources and you want to boost your productivity, we can assist you on distance via internet connection or physically, directly there at your office, depending on your location.

For those who are interested in learning more about BIM, we are providing courses: BIM base level and BIM structural.