kairos lighting + sound design

Welcome professionals, building owners and all others interested in lighting and sound design!
My name is Michele Bruno, I’m the founder of this network and the coordinator our activities of work and research.

According to Kairos network, light and sound need to collaborate and integrate together to render a space 4D, meaningful.
All the professional working here decided to gather within one group because they were aware they couldn’t work alone any longer towards the vastity of the field: architectural lighting cannot live any longer without the integration with the dynamic of the entertainment lighting design.


Here comes our verticals:







Both former fields began, years ago, a path that led to the integration of sound effects and music into the global design of a space, and all this is still just the past.
The present of our profession passes through daily collaboration with IT specialist to control huge data networks, interoperability and still we are not at the end, we have the strong support of 2D and 3D renders animators for infographics and video content editor to modify that stream of content which today it is a tsunami of uncontrolled Bits.

We developed skills even into another parallel field, this is called: daylighting. At Kairos we are able to optimize the amount of sunlight availability inside your dwellings and reduce the energy consumption for heating and cooling thanks to our calculations.
But it is not only a matter of engineering, sunlight is much more effective than electric lighting. Sunlight brings within itself warmth and involves a third sense: the touch, sunlight stimulates our hormones production and regulates our biological clock, it’s so crucial for us!

Lighting and sound design will enhance so your well-being and create multiple sensorial experiences that we want to shape for you.

Hiring our team means for you to have the possibility of reshaping your ambient, again and again, many times per day, with something that is untouchable, delivers well-being, change aspect from day to night and gives new significance to your space.

In us, you will find efficient professionals who like being your counsellors and team players. So let’s start to draw the first strokes: together!