Kalisode Network

Who we are and what we do

Kalisode Network was founded in 2016. Since then the network has gathered a variety of professionals within BIM and lighting design fields.

We work as a BIM service provider to architectural, engineering and construction enterprises which need an external crew to boost their productivity in a specific job or a coordination regarding a multidisciplinary BIM aspects. On top of this we can integrate in your project our knowledges on lighting design.

For you, hiring our design team means having the possibility of enriching culturally and strategically your team with a partner connected with you either directly on place or more often remotely via internet.
In us, you will find efficient professionals who enjoy being your counsellors and team players.

design services that we offer:

BIM education
BIM electric and daylighting


BIM structural


A network company: what does it mean?

We have entered the 21st century and we need to empower the changes of a different technology era.
Today working in networks of know-how is a must, not just an option.

Which are those changes?

We do not to work side by side anymore: we work connected. We can offer more elastic services based on the “pay as you go”. Our office is the world.

What does it mean more specifically?

Kalisode works with a “network” of independent professional spread world-wide.
We do not have a secretary, nor a cleaning company. Our decisional tree is the flattest possible.
Decisions are faster and assessed by a network of professionals who are very specific in their knowledge.

The working knowledge has reached a specification that is not anymore obtainable by the competences of just one person,
you need to have a collective of people with deep knowledge in their fields (architectural lighting designer, entertainment lighting designer, product designer, sound designers, photographers, video content producers, IT specialists, transmission engineers, electricians…)

Working in a network means that somebody in the globe has this specialization we need, at this moment.
Most important: our customers do not have to pay for hidden company costs (in classical company associative form there is always somebody who is slightly under-employed or who is not as specific as he or she should, these costs build-up the client’s bill).

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